Sunday Worship

10.30am Morning Service, Sunday School, Crèche
(all age worship 1st in Month) -
Coffee/Tea is served after the Morning Service
Evening Service as announced 

Information for the Worshipper
Morning Worship caters for all age groups. The Sunday School leave for classes after approximately 20 minutes. Younger children and babies are catered for in a crèche.  Parents may accompany their children, many go out with them and slip back into church when they are settled.
Worship styles vary often using readers and worship leaders assisting the appointed preacher. A variety of Hymn books are used supplemented by an Overhead and a Data Projector. On the first Sunday in the month all groups stay together for All-age-worship, a crèche is available if required. 
Facilities in the church include

A car park, at the rear of the church, is accessed by turning right in front of the school gates at the top of George Streetreet  

The evening service is an intimate  occasion often with a quieter reflective style.

Information for the Preacher
Hymns and Psalms and Mission Praise combined are used. An OHP and Data Projector are  available.
The organ is played by several organists who appreciate knowledge of the hymns a few days before the service (Thursday evening at the latest), The steward. will endeavor to contact the preacher.

At the morning service the preacher is asked to accommodate the Sunday School during the first part of the service. A scholar reads a lesson from the Sunday School lesson book and the Sunday School choose  the second hymn. A short children's address is often given. The preachers attention is drawn to the  youth policy (clause 5)
The Sunday School usually leave after the collection, before the third hymn.
Morning worship adult congregation numbers between 50and 80, more for special services.

The afternoon/ evening service us usually held in a meeting room equipped with organ, piano and good sized lectern. Attendance is 10 - 20. Special evening services are held in the church. The small room lends itself to a more relaxed style.  Preachers often chose four hymns although five is not uncommon.

Members of the congregation are available to read lessons, act scripted dramas, etc.,  please contact the steward at least a week before. If the data projector is required at least 10 days notice is needed. If using either projector a few paper copies at normal print size will be appreciated by visually handicap members of the congregation.