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It’s basically a tale about good and evil, evil always has to appear to win, in a Trinity panto that’s usually well after the interval but good always wins before the final curtain. No one dies in any of our panto's ……we had a problem with Jack and the Beanstalk and Ali Baba …… the giant and Ali Pasha usually die but they ended up reformed. So traditional family pantomime became a mixture of the Mystery Plays, Shakespeare, and anything satirical at the time ……… sound just right for today. It’s good against evil, the fairy Queen and the Demon King appear in all panto, although their exact guise and title may differ. From Old King Rat to modern Fairy Liquid, names vary according to the location and topicality of shows, but certain stage directions nearly always hold strong. Good enters from stage right (Dexter) and Evil from stage left (Sinister).

Our production of ‘Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp’ had several set characters:

The Emperor: A true leader of men, abides by the rules, but still has sanctions i.e. an executioner.

Aladdin: An ambitious boy but honest i.e. didn’t take anything other than the lamp from the cave.

Widow Twanky: A hardworking down to earth mum, caring for her family, but lost her principles when rich.

Wishee Washee: A simple, easily led lad, never a bad thought enters his head.

Genie: Has all sorts of gifts and talents, but will do anything for his ‘Master’ without question

The Dragon: Surprisingly not an evil character, he can discern the other players’ character and foils evil intent.

Abanazer: A true ‘dirty dog’ tries to diddle everyone he meets, but is frightened to do his own dirty work.

The Fairy: Always good, likes to see fair play and tries to balance Abanazer’s evil deeds, and wins in the end.

The Pantomime is a living, growing art form. The Commedia Dell ‘art from which it is derived has all but died, as eventually, does all theatre which becomes fossilised. Pantomime has survived by taking and expanding from the new ideas that each age has given and we hope will continue to do so. ‘Isn’t that just like life?’




Dear All:
Another year's worth of wonderful lunches for which to say 'Thank You'. Practising hospitality is Trinity's byword, welcoming us all in loving service and fellowship.

I'm full of admiration to the teams who prepare, serve, and clear our weekly treats - heartfelt thanks, your Christian outreach is priceless. Enjoy a well earned rest (if only short) knowing the joy you have given to so many.

                                                        God Bless